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Artists for the Barnes: Austin Tremellen

Austin Tremellen, a recent graduate of Saint Joseph's University who is in the process of continuing his studies in ceramics. Living so close to the Barnes for 5 years he has come under its spell and recognizes its importance in its entirety in Merion.

He says of his work: I work through an interrogative representation of life, which manifests as narrations of specific relations within adaptation and suppressed existence. Stress, trauma, and extraordinary suffering are only a few obstacles on display. My sculptural organisms remind me of the continuous complexity that life brings and the intense commitment
that every day demands. The lack of oxygen inherent in a reductive firing process creates a cacophony of earthy color and a textural palette ideal for my work. Clay, metal and glaze are all fused within my work, strengthening the obsessive permanence I'm striving for.


Size: 5''x15" - Medium: Earthenware
Price: $250

Write: 7615 St. Martin’s Lane
            Philadelphia, PA  19118

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