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Artists for the Barnes: Jane Behrends

Jane Behrends enjoys the art of landscape.

About her work she says, 'It is our natural environment, yet we each are emotionally drawn to locations where our spirits can energize or relax. Carnegie Lake allows me to be a spectator from below the dam, where the Princeton rowing team and numerous sailors enjoy the waters. On the other hand, Swamp draws me into a wetland for an adventure on the quiet tributary. I find the multiple dimensions available in the surface of water to be a constantly morphing, wondrous challenge.

I studied fine art, interior design, and theater production arts at the University of Delaware and the College of New Jersey. Though most of my portrait work is in private collections, I continue to paint and render area homes and historic locations. I am busy illustrating a novel, and during the summer, I love teaching art and theater art techniques to the campers at Burn Brae Day Camp of Creative Arts. Volunteer work in the form of caricatures, showcases, and set designs for area schools is a very satisfying past time for me.


"Carnegie Lake" - Archival signed print, unframed 19x26, $180.00 - or framed, 24x29 $330.00


"Swamp" - Signed print, unframed 17x22 1/2 , $140.00 - or framed, 21x27 $290


Write: 7615 St. Martin’s Lane
            Philadelphia, PA  19118

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