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Artists for the Barnes: Edward E. Jonasen

My name Edward E. Jonasen a native of Erie, Pennsylvania. Since 2000 I have lived & taught art in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I am passionate about saving The Barnes Foundation & keeping it where it belongs, in Merion Pa.

As long I can remember, I have always loved art & always enjoyed creating art. I try to visit as many art museums as I can, usually between 6-8 every year. I am also active in exhibiting my work, especially entering many juried exhibitions. Artistically, I have done everything from working with advertising agencies to producing freelance illustrations for newspapers. Over the years I have evolved as an artist & while I still draw & paint, I have gravitated towards constructing assemblage sculptures. Although many artists create assemblages, I have developed my own style that I believe is both original & fresh. I'm determined to create aesthetically pleasing art, but more importantly, art that posses a special quality that makes it stand out as being totally unique.
I mostly construct non-representational assemblages because I like the fact that people’s interpretations and perspectives will always be different. I enjoy art that challenges one to think or ponder about a meaning or a message in a piece of work ... even if there is none clearly stated by the artist.
 I combine natural elements with a collection of found objects to create assemblages which are layered with rich textures, unified with an over all painted metallic finish or left raw with 1 repeating dominant color. I take creative license with my assemblages by polishing, applying paint, or changing the shape of objects to fit the needs of my composition. My completed assemblages are intriguing, harmonious, & most have a classical elegance to them.  Juxtaposing objects next to one another that have no relationship gives assemblages a surreal quality. While my assemblages can often be mysterious or poetic, sometimes they’re just whimsical or fun to explore. Although I may occasionally use an identical object & repeat it in another piece, each & every one of my assemblages is a one of a kind,  handcrafted creation.  People now seem much more environmentally aware of the importance of recycling, so I'm definitely contributing! 
When the pieces are completed, I place them in shadow boxes with floating mats, & non-glare glass, which greatly enhances the viewing experience. Since assemblages are 3 dimensional, they are always effected by light & shadow depending on how or where they are displayed. Exhibited correctly in a well lit space my pieces often take on a luminous quality. 



"Evening With Friends"- 2007, Giclee Print (#14/125), signed in pencil - "5 x 14.5 " - Unframed  but looks great matted in a 10 x 20 frame - $95.00

All the proceeds go to the Art Fund to save the Barnes


"The Essence of Time" - 2005, Framed assemblage constructed from found objects on heavy cardboard, in a double matted, hand sanded & painted shadow box frame with quality, non-glare glass- "8.75" x 10.75" - Signed on the back of the frame - $495.00

Half the proceeds go to the Art Fund to save the Barnes


Write: 7615 St. Martin’s Lane
            Philadelphia, PA  19118

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