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2004 Court Testimony:  Witnesses, others and their roles in the proceedings


Volume I:     

Arlin Adams, Esq. – Review of the case

Ralph Wellington, Esq. –  Introduction to what and whom the Petitioners would present.

Jerry Pappert, Esq. PA Attorney General -  mapped out Attorney General’s activity and position, reference to a post-hearing Memorandum with final position.

William S. Wood, Real Estate Appraiser.  Appraisal of Barnes Foundation’s Chester County property:  125.7 acres called “Ker Feal”

Glenn W. Perry, Real Estate Appraiser. Appraisal.
(Note:  Both of the petitioners’ appraisers got their instructions from Harry Perks)

Elizabeth von Habsburg, Art and furnishings appraiser with Masterson Gurr Johns. Appraisal of approximately 4,500 objects at Chester County property, Ker Feal at a value of about $725,000.  (We hear from knowledgeable experts that the collection is worth at least $2 million.)


Volume II      

Elizabeth von Habsburg, (as noted above)

Nancy Harrison, Appraiser with expertise in 19th Century Paintings with Masterson Gurr Johns.  Appraised 19 works of non-gallery art at $9,065,000.

Harry Perks, Partner in Perks-Reutter, an engineering and design firm.  Testimony about the design and construction of a Parkway Barnes for $100 million, including a building of 120,000 – 150,000 square feet at $400-$500 per square foot).


Volume III    

Harry Perks (as noted above)

Harvey Wank, Barnes student, one of the amici.

Matthew Schwendermann, Deloitte & Touche.  Expert on business planning and            financial operations.  Presentation of business model for the Barnes Foundation.


Volumes IV and Volume V: Matthew Schwendermann (as noted above)


Volume VI:

John L. Callahan, Jr. Fund Raising Consultant.  Testified about Board Development and   fund-raising for Parkway Barnes

Edwin L. Wade, Consultant on Campaign Development for non-profits, former Deputy Director, Northern Museum of Arizona. Testified about de-accessioning non-gallery artwork for endowment.


Volume VII

Jeremy A. Sabloff, Former Director University of Pennsylvania Museum.  Testified             against deaccessioning non-gallery artwork.

Stephen J. Harmelin, Trustee of the Barnes Foundation since 2002 as a nominee of        Mellon Bank.  Testimony covered many topics.



Barbara Beaucar, Barnes archivist. Testimony about Dr. Barnes wishes based on archive documents.  Testimony inferred that Ker Feal farmhouse and collections were part of the educational mission of Dr. Barnes.
Robin McClea, Barnes Director of Education.  Testified about the use of Ker Feal for the   education program and its potential.


Volume IX   

Marie Malaro, nationally- known expert on museum ethics. Former counsel for                Smithsonian, Faculty member George Washington University Museum Studies program.    Testimony that it would be appropriate for the Barnes to deaccession non-gallery artwork because the Barnes is a school, not a museum.


Volume X

Kimberly Camp, Then- President and CEO of the Barnes Foundation (left in June 2005). Testimony about Ker Feal, de-accessioning artwork and the future of the Barnes mission.

Bernard Watson, Chairman of the Barnes Board of Trustees

Debra J. Force, Appraiser of art. Testimony about valuation of certain on-gallery artwork.


Volume XI   

Debra J. Force (as noted above)  

Richard L. Feigen, art dealer. Testified about values of certain works of non-gallery art.


Volume XII

Richard L. Feigen (as noted above)

Joseph Manko, President of the Board of Commissioners, Lower Merion Township

James Ettelson, Commissioner for Merion, Lower Merion Township

Kenneth Barrow, Real estate appraiser.  Appraisal of Ker Feal (Barnes Chester County    property


Volume XIII

Paul E. Kelley, Jr., President Paul E. Kelley Foundation.  Testified about wanting to        pledge $100,000 if the Barnes art collection remains in Merion.


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            Philadelphia, PA  19118

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